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CriKeT Games
Based in Savannah, GA

Founding Date:
January 2013




CriKeT Games

CriKeT Games was created by Tap Pribbenow, Christopher Hassebrook and Kyle Bromley following the public debut of their tabletop game, Grow. What originally started out as a labor of love, the game has gone on to receive several accolades along with high-praise throughout the tabletop gaming community. The team behind CriKeT Games continues to develop Grow, launching their Kickstarter in order to make Grow a published reality.

About Grow

Our Story
Originally concepted for a college project, Grow has since sprouted into a fully fledged game. Heartened by early positive reception, CriKeT Games submitted Grow to the 2013 Tabletop Deathmatch run by Cards Against Humanity and became a finalist of the competition, traveling out to Gen Con to meet with the judges and film the Tabletop Deathmatch series. After experiencing Gen Con and the tabletop community, the three developers founded CriKeT Games and began further production on Grow for release to the general public.

Grow is a 3 dimensional, territorial acquisition strategy game developed by CriKeT Games and blends together tabletop gaming and sculpture art. The game is played in the round by 2-4 players who each receive their own flower color. Players co-create a unique tree together yet simultaneously compete to have their flower dominate the tree, using special events, abilities, and players’ own dispositions to their advantage.

The goal of Grow is to have the healthiest flowers of your color on the tree by the end. Players can decide how long or short they want play by selecting more or less seasons. A season consists of 8 leaves and the game ends when all seasons are up. A game of four seasons will last around an hour, the game shipping with 5. Players have 3 actions they can choose from each turn, in addition to buiding the tree and rolling for events. They may grow a Leaf, grow a Bud, or send out a Beetle. All of these actions are interdependent, and create the dynamic gameplay and strategy of Grow. Attack or defend with Beetles, add points with Leaves, or claim points with your Buds. Each looks and plays differently, resulting in great fun and beautiful art.



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Team and Collaborators

T. A. Pribbenow
Designer, Co-Founder

Chris Hassebrook
Designer, Co-Founder

Kyle Bromley
Designer, Co-Founder

Nina Park
Communications Director

Caitlin Dundey
Graphics Designer

Alex Lang
Graphics Designer



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